Live Music Support and Update

With all the issues affecting the live music scene, in the past weeks, we have seen a number of initiatives put in place to help the industry with the end of Jobkeeper and Jobkeeper.

Support Act Grants

Support Act welcomes additional Government funding for COVID services with a series of small grants for music industry people. “Support Act is very pleased that the Australian Government has recognised the special challenges live entertainment workers will continue to face over the next six months as JobKeeper ends but restrictions on standing capacity in venues and border uncertainties remain,” said Clive Miller, CEO. “While RISE grants will eventually provide relief to many, Support Act recognises that such funds are unlikely to reach those worst affected by the end of JobKeeper before mid-year.” These modest “MusicKeeper” and “CrewKeeper” grants of $2,000 ($2,700 for families) will not replace JobKeeper. They are intended to cushion the blow for those who remain largely unable to earn an income due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions designed to protect public health. More information can be found on Supportact's website


AMIN's collective advocacy, research and public campaigning ensured the music industry was still able to attract $135million in funding. Details of the package can be found in the attached media release from the government. It includes a $125million boost to RISE funding and another $10million for Support Act. Crucially, the government have committed to expanding the guidelines around RISE so that applicants can front-load expenditure to ensure that they can get through the next two quarters before realistic activity begins. As well as this, they have lowered the minimum threshold amount from $75,000 to $25,000 which will hopefully encourage more small-to-medium tours, concerts and events. The goal for all of us is to ensure that as much of this funding can go to the artists, crew, managers, promoters and music businesses who have been so badly affected to ensure they can keep their workers engaged and supported. 

Gigs in town

Most of all, make sure you get out and see some of the awesome gigs happening at killer venues around the state. Including Kyle Taylor & Mark Gardner at The Royal Oak Hotel on 1st of May. Silver Fleet Ships at Altar, 10 April. The Bonus present their debut EP On Every Street, A Snake at Fern Tree Arts Hall on the 17th of April. Finally, the Brisbane Hotel is open this weekend with a swag of gigs. 

Enjoy, be safe.


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