Monique Brumby featured in Songs from the Edge

Monique Brumby recently filmed and recorded the song ‘Crossing Over Albion' live for Songs from the Edge (SFTE) at her house in Hobart.

Supported by UTAS, SFTE brings together Tasmanian Conservatorium of Music tech students with professional music makers to produce live film clips in unique locations. 

Monique Brumby is a Tasmanian born singer/songwriter and music producer. She has won 2 ARIA Awards for her original work since the release of her debut album 'Thylacine' in 1996. Currently working on her sixth studio album, Monique is keen for her natural rock tendencies to be more prominent in this body of work. A lover of melody and alternative pop rock stylings, she will record her new album in her house nostalgically named 'The Thylacine House' with local musicians as well as her touring band who are flying in from Melbourne where she was based for 23 years.

Now back living in Tasmania, Monique works independently as a music producer and has recorded a number of artists in The Thylacine House Studio since her return early 2018. Monique's new album is set for release in 2019.

According to Monique, the song ‘Crossing Over Albion' reflects her love of having family and friends close by. She also lived for some years in Melbourne near Albion Street in Brunswick which inspired the lyrics.

Monique would like to thank the talented students from UTAS who were so great to work with and made the experience really enjoyable.

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