Promise Ft Molly in new Songs from the Edge

Tasmanian artist Promise recently filmed and recorded the song “Everybody” as part of Songs from the Edge (SFTE) in the historic Hobart Full Gospel Central Church.

Songs from the Edge brings together Tasmanian Conservatorium of Music students with professional artists to produce live film clips in unusual locations. 22 Tasmanian artists have been showcased through this partnership between UTAS and Music Tasmania and you can check them all out here.

Promise is an exciting Tasmanian rapper, born in Kenya from Ethiopian and Eritrean descent, he first arrived in Australia as a refugee at the age of 11 and has a unique story to share with the world.

“Everybody” features the soulful vocals of Molly O’Brien and a rousing gospel chorus led by Choir Master Naarah Barnes.  

According to Promise: "The song everybody was inspired by my own friendships, and the complexity that comes from true friendships and bonds, no one is perfect but we come pretty close when we are together. I choose to film it in a church because it reminds me of where I learnt my morals and sense of community, and even learnt about faith and hope. And the choir, the band and especially Molly were crucial to evoke the emotion of the song, I am grateful to Music Tasmania for the opportunity to share this work"

Vocals: Promise Tekeste and Molly O’Brien
Bass: Sasha Gavlek
Guitar: Gabe Dagrezzio
Drums: Alistair Tolond
Keys and MD: Callum Ball
Choir Master: Naarah Barnes
Choir: Bethany Jury, Claire Vout, Dylan Shade Hoskins, Jay Jarome Bushby, Karri Aplin, Lindon Mondigo, Shanice McLean, Naarah

Audio and Mix: Jay Ward 
Audio and Mix: Derek Rabe
Audio assist and Mix: Cody Webberley 
Choir Audio: Jacky Collyer
Choir Audio: Nick Wilson 
DOP assist: Brodie Muggeridge
DOP and Vision Edit: Dane Meale from Creative Grit:

A huge thank you to everyone who was involved in making this happen!

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