Songs from the Edge features Jed Appleton

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Songs from the Edge showcases Tasmanian musicians performing in unusual locations and spaces across the island. Supported by UTAS, this project connects Tasmanian Conservatorium of Music students with diverse Tasmanian artists to produce live recorded film clips in unique locations.

Artists involved so far include: Jed Appleton, The White Rose Project, George Begbie, Tiger Choir, Dirturtles, Mephistopheles, Alma da Vida, Luca Brasi, Matt Boden, Christopher Coleman, The Native Cats, plus Aimz and Tommy Two-Toes. Check out all the clips here.

A young troubadour from Hobart, Jed Appleton has been fascinating crowds with his stripped back and pensive songwriting, capturing the ears of many, from street corners to sold out venues all across Australia, United Kingdom & Europe, and you might’ve just forgotten your beer or coffee along the way whilst tuning in to some earnest lyrics and beautifully crafted melodies. Jed uses a unique blend of dynamic rhythmic stylings on the parlour acoustic alongside smooth but powerful textures from his raw vocals accompanied by strong lyrical sense far beyond his 20 years.

Jed recently recorded and filmed Waltzed into my World live on location at the magnificent Palais Theatre in Franklin as part of the Songs from the Edge program. The whole shebang was undertaken by Richard Coburn, Jay Young and Gavin Wolfe from the UTAS Conservatorium of Music, with help from Dave Carter.


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