Songwriters, it's time to get paid!

Australian songwriters who play live are encouraged to submit Performance Reports to APRA AMCOS by 31 July to get paid for their work.

Last year, $6.75 million in live performance royalties was distributed to more than six thousand APRA AMCOS members who took the time to lodge their Performance Reports before the deadline.

From masters of metal to country charmers, songwriters across the country can all reap the well-deserved rewards of their hard work - they simply need to log in to their APRA AMCOS account and share details of their performances from the last 12 months.

Isabella Manfredi of Sydney band The Preatures is one songwriter who knows just how important live performance royalties are to songwriters, particularly those just starting out.

“Earnings from Performance Reports were literally our saviour in the early days. They always came right at crunch time, when we were broke as **** trying to get funds together for the next tour or recording,” she says. 

The Preatures, who formed in 2011, have since gone on to release a top five album, play Coachella and appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and have their second album set for release in August.

“We haven't done our own Reports for years now - our amazing, capable managers do them for us. But it took us five years of working on our own and always keeping on top of it to get to that place,” says Isabella. 

For Sarah Thompson, of independent Melbourne band Camp Cope, live performance royalties also offer acknowledgement for the effort that goes into creating music.

“I think it helps to make you feel as though you’re getting somewhere. Often the music industry can feel like a hell of a lot of work for very little reward, so it’s nice to see something physical for the work you put in.”
If you need help, or have any questions, contact APRA AMCOS by email at
 or phone (03) 9426 5200.

Performance Reports due 31 July. 

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