TWO SIDES: Stories and Music from Home

TWO SIDES: Stories and Music from Home is a compilation of stories and songs created at home by local artists, writers and musicians that talk about staying connected from a distance during the pandemic. 

TWO SIDES: Stories and Music from Home was developed by Clarence City Council's cultural team to support artists and invigorate creativity during the COVID-19 lockdown. It is a collaboration between Clarence City Council, Music Tasmania,  CONSTANCE ARIHunter Island Press, The Story Tellers Group, Edge RadioThe Brisbane HotelPablo’s Cocktails and Dreams Bar and The Grand Poobah.
Supporting your local artists and your arts community by purchasing this compilation album means that your generosity gets equally distributed directly to the artists involved. To buy a copy of the publication and album for $5 (including shipping), click here: Limited Edition Physical Copy

Or, visit Bandcamp for your Digital Download.

For more info, check out the Clarence Arts and Events website:


Baltimore Charlot 
Baby Dave 
Bert Shirt 
Coward Punch 
Gabe & the Dagrezios
Je Bahl
Kudu Joy
Lucinda Shannon 
Mum & Dad 
The Pits 
Rose Trent 
Seth Henderson
Silver fleet Ships
Stephen McEntee 
Teresa Dixon 

Elizabeth Archer
Mary Bailey
Jo Chew
Phyllis Fiotakis
Janet Freestun
Grace Garton
Andrew Harper
Isabel Hood
Duncan Hose
Erica de Jong
Finegan Kruckemeyer
Patricia Martin
Peter Maarseveen
Kartanya Maynard
Wesley Miles
Robert McKenna
Miranda Rogers
Joshua Santospirito
Gabbee Stolp
Molly Turner


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