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Established in 2009, Music Tasmania is the peak industry body representing Tasmania’s music sector and is part of the Australian Music Industry Network (AMIN).  

We strive to foster a sustainable Tasmanian contemporary music sector that can support music careers and businesses to thrive while based in Tasmania.

Our strength lies in our capacity to be relevant, engaged, collaborative, and responsive to industry need. We invest in our relationships - with artists, with industry, and with partners.

As the only organisation in Tasmania that is committed to representing the entire music ecosystem, we are able to look at our industry holistically, and more effectively identify barriers and opportunities for intervention.


Our ambition is to position Tasmania as a sanctuary of sound, by advocating for a shared cultural vision that values music as the collective soundtrack to our island and our identities.


Music Tasmania develops, connects, promotes, and represents the Tasmanian contemporary music industry. We promote the value of Tasmanian music and provide a voice for musicians.

The Tasmanian music industry is creative, innovative, resilient, diverse and nationally and internationally recognised. We support the Tasmanian music industry by activating opportunities for growth and showcasing the diverse talent and expertise of our artists and industry.

To find out more about Music Tasmania, check out what we do. 

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