About Us

Music Tasmania is the peak industry body representing Tasmania’s music sector and is part the Australian Music Industry Network (AMIN), along with Music Victoria, Music NSW, WAM, Music ACT, QMusic and Music NT. Our mission is to develop, connect and advocate for the music industry, which comprises artists and bands, live music venues, promoters and festivals, music retailers, educators, along with small businesses specialising in areas such as production, management, and other support services.

Established in 2009, Music Tasmania represents the interests of over 190 financial members, including individual artists, bands, music businesses, organisations and music fans.

Through our online platform Our Music Industry we profile 250 Tasmanian artists, bands and music businesses, along with 27 live music venues and 17 Tasmanian festivals. Music Tasmania works strategically with public and private sectors to increase opportunities for Tasmanian musicians and raise awareness about the value of the industry.

Our Vision

Our ambition is to position Tasmania as a sanctuary of sound, by advocating for a shared cultural vision that values music as the collective soundtrack to our island and our identities.

Our Mission

Music Tasmania develops, connects, and advocates for the Tasmanian music sector.  We promote the value of Tasmanian music and provide a voice for musicians.

Our Goals

Six overarching goals direct our strategy:

  1. Advocacy
  • Advocate for Tasmania nationally and internationally by enhancing its capacity in terms of national and international advocacy and profile.
  •  Advocate for musicians rights and the value of Tasmanian music.
  •  Broker and develop connections to benefit the Tasmanian music industry.
  1. Sanctuary of Sound
  • Position Tasmania as a global sanctuary for contemporary composition and sound design.
  • Foster greater collaboration between the local music industry and other creative content industries, in particular, the film sector.
  1. Music Ecosystems
  • Work with the local and state governments to develop a music strategy that ensures access to infrastructure that supports the creation and presentation of contemporary music.
  • Scope the viability of a music industry hub in Launceston.
  1. Sustainable Music Careers
  • Support sustainable music careers and businesses
  • Provide pathways between music education and industry
  • Increase professionalism within the sector
  1. Pathways to Export
  • Increase digital exports and music publishing
  • Opportunities for Tasmanian composers
  • Support touring and showcasing opportunities
  1. Cultural Change
  • Support cultural change, inclusivity, access, and diversity within the music industry

To find out more about Music Tasmania, check out what we do. 

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