About Us

Music Tasmania is the peak industry body representing Tasmania’s music community. We provide services and deliver programs to support the growth of the sector and the increase the appreciation of music created in Tasmania.

Our Vision

A community that values music where artists and music businesses can live and create in Tasmania to realise their full potential.

Our Mission

Music Tasmania develops, promotes and advocates for the music sector in Tasmania.

Our Goals

Artist + sector development

  • To support and champion the creation and presentation of original music compositions;
  • to nurture talent by providing opportunities for development and addressing skills gaps through targeted initiatives; and
  • to develop the capacity of the music sector in Tasmania and encourage greater cooperation.

Audience + market development

  • To promote the talent and diversity of Tasmania’s musicians and the island as an inspiring music-making destination;
  • to implement a strategic approach to export that will increase the number of export-ready artists and opportunities for Tasmanian artists to showcase nationally and internationally; and
  • to increase audience engagement and appreciation of original Tasmanian music in the community.

Collaboration + partnerships

  • To partner with other organisations and facilitate valuable opportunities for Tasmanian artists to develop their practice, access new audiences and raise their professional profile;
  • to collaborate with others increasing the reach and relevance of Music Tasmania state-wide.


  • To inform and influence decision-makers and other key stakeholders to champion Tasmanian music and recognise its cultural, social and economic value.

To find out more about Music Tasmania, check out what we do.

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